Angular Developer needed for tweaks on an existing site - Laravel experience is a plus
Category : Javascript,CSS,Laravel,Angular.js

Project Details:

We need to make several tweaks and add new features on a existing Angular Application. The project uses Laravel as backend provider and Angular 6 for the frontend. Tweaks on existing site 1. Fix relative routes. Ej: /app/user-lists doesn't load properly. 2. Fix Video Background. Needs to be working at least in chrome, both android and ios devices) 3. Add right icons to all views (check old design files, svg files will be provided). - Categorie's Icons on user profile (both desktop and mobile) - "Lo quiero" button background image - Mobil version filters icon. 4. Tweak angular project export path of runtime.js, polyfills.js, styles.js, vendor.js and main.js to "/app/file". 5. User list: Remove click zoom-out animation/delay. 6. Implement NiceScroll plugin with same settings as home site. 7. Change categories boxes/balls order from: Perfil-Valuacion-Redes-Imagenes-Trayectoria-Biografia to Perfil-Trayectoria-Biografia-Imagenes-Valuacion-Redes 8. "Lo quiero" buton click function: - Step1: Should display a notification on top with the number of selected players ("jugadores") with a fade in animation. Please check "loquiero-action-step1" file. - Step2: When the user clicks on "Continuar" button, a modal with a confirmation text should show up. Please check "loquiero-action-step2" file. - Step3: After user clicks on "Continuar" buton on modal, post request to should be sent, sending player's ids and loge'd in user. If succed, a modal with the success message should be displayed. If there is any errors, the same modal with an error message and a contact email should be displayed. 9. Authentification with Laravel: Authentification only for user: managers 10. Add loged in user on top nav and logout option. 11. User profile: "Imágenes Videos" category: Desktop version "Imágenes Videos" button: Implement PhotoSwipe library ( to display both player image's and youtube videos. If its a video, user should be able to play it. Mobile Verison User Profile: - "Imágenes Videos" category: please check profile-imagenes.jpg file. A 3x grid should display all images and videos of the players. When user clicks on any of them, PhotoSwipe should show. If a user clicks on a video, it should play. 12. User profile: "Valuacion" And "Redes" category: A text should be displayed with the following content: "Proximamente" 13. Style changes: User profile should look like the the design in "profile-imagenes.png" and "loquiero-action-step1.png" files. - Inside every category/carousel: - Boxes should be bigger, please check profile-imagenes.jpg file. - Player Image shuld a bit bigger. - Vertical Scroll on User Profile should be disabled: The screen height should be 100% and ways contain every element. - "Lo quiero" button should be fixed botom. - When categories are open, width should be 90% (currently fixed to 270px) - Go back buton should be moved to top bar. - "CPG" on top bar should be centered.

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  • Budget:30-250 USD
  • Location:Argentina
  • Project type:fixed